Sunday, May 1, 2016

Springtime Volunteering

Currently I'm on the lookout for a volunteering opportunity. I have volunteered on and off in the past, but it's been years since I did so regularly. Lately I have been taking advantage of volunteering opportunities through my work, but those are not on a regular basis, and I would like to do something more consistently. I am trying to choose between the following organizations:

The Elizabeth Fry Society
This organization helps women in tough situations, particularly marginalized women who are incarcerated. My sister is working there at the moment and it seems like a great place to give back. I like the idea of working with an organization that benefits women. I'm not sure how helpful I could be at this organization, though, so I'm not sure yet. I want to make sure I choose a place where I can actually be useful.

The Kerby Centre
The Kerby Centre is a non-profit which aims to improve quality of life for older adults. I really like the thought of working with seniors. I've heard that older adults can often face difficult situations, such as being isolated (or even worse, elder abuse), so if I could give back in this way and help make a few people's lives better, I would be very happy.

Distress Centre
This organization helps people in crisis, responding to calls from those who are having a hard time. Although I think this might be difficult at times, I think it would be very worthwhile and rewarding. I think I am a good listener, and I like talking to people. I have considered going into the counselling field in the past and this might be a good chance to explore that.

Well, those are the three I'm looking at for now. If you know of another organization in the Calgary area that's looking for volunteers, I'd love to hear about it.

Have a fabulous day!

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