Monday, May 9, 2016

Soldiering On - Day 6

I am on day 6 of my Whole 30. I have sort of settled into a routine now with what I eat, but that does not mean it is easy! I long to snack on some sort of baked good in the afternoon, as I often did, but of course right now I cannot. I do have some almond flour on hand but on the Whole 30 you are not supposed to have baked goods, there is a specific rule about not replicating desserts with Whole 30 compliant ingredients. Thus, I am trying to comply. But it is hard!

Another challenge for me is that my partner is not doing the Whole 30, and so he is still eating whatever he likes. That means I have to watch him eat doritos while I eat frozen pineapple. I love pineapple and fruit in general, but when you haven't had chips in over a week, you tend to get a craving for them. Oh well, that just means I am building up more willpower, I guess!

I checked out the Whole 30 timeline and apparently days 6 & 7 are generally the "I just want to nap" phase. I do feel a bit more tired than usual, but I have had a pretty bad cold for the past week so I blame that. I'm just waiting for days 16-27 which sound pretty great - tiger blood. Apparently this is when your energy levels skyrocket, and you generally just feel awesome. Can't wait!

What I ate today: green smoothie, mashed potatoes, chicken breast, frozen pineapple, dried apple rings, dates with coconut butter, blackberries. Again, nothing exciting or particularly beautiful, but it did the trick! Do what you can with what you have.

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