Sunday, May 1, 2016

Whole 30 Day 1

Good evening!
I wasn't sure I'd get this written tonight but thought it was important to try to be consistent. Today, May 1st, was the first day of my whole 30. I have to say, based on what I had read from other people's experiences with this plan, I thought that day 1 would be easy. Unfortunately, for me, it was not.

I had eaten lots of treats last night (in preparation for 30 days without them) so I woke up this morning feeling not hungry at all - in fact, a bit stuffed, still. Thus I did not eat breakfast right away. Around 10 a.m. I ate five dried dates stuffed with coconut butter (by the way, if you have not tasted this yet, you should try it - they are delicious). I also had a coffee with a bit of coconut milk, and some lemon water.

For lunch I had some chopped orange and apple in a bowl. Again, I was not that hungry because I had eaten so much late in the evening yesterday. Then headed out for a walk. It was very hot out today! I think it was at least 20 degrees Celsius out. I foolishly did not bring water with me so by the time I got home I was famished and quite cranky. I wanted to have a fudgesicle (like my partner was doing) but instead I made myself a whole 30 compliant smoothie with some pineapple, spinach, coconut milk, and ice cubes. It was very filling, likely because of the fat in the coconut milk.

Dinner was some lemon roasted potatoes - I will have to share my recipe sometime because they are delicious. I meant to make some meatballs out of ground beef, tomato, red onion, and basil, but didn't get to it because the meat was still thawing (I took it out of the freezer too late). I would have also liked to eat some kettle corn tonight but I didn't think I should give up so soon.

I also took some "before" pictures and weighed myself. I know I am not supposed to weigh myself during the 30 days, so we will see how that goes, as I am used to doing it everyday. I have heard however that weighing yourself everyday can be a bad thing, especially for some people. Thus if this is something that has a negative effect on your self-esteem or your body image, I would suggest trying to cut back on how often you step on the scale. Maybe try for once per week instead of everyday.

Tomorrow will be day 2 of my whole 30, I'm looking forward to see how it turns out!

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